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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  August 2, 2009 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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. there have been no major
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injuries that is good, please ed with the effort, his second year as coach, admitted to be more relaxed. the players concur, the coach says they're ahead of schedule from where they were at the point last season. >> we started to work on initially more of the details of the play instead of just the basic assignment of a play. and that is what i think we came in here last year, i was sure glad we didn't make a mistake on that play. now it is beyond that, more of a -- the details of the technique of how to work the play. >> the z-man, hard to believe but this is year six for tight end chris coolly, coming off a pro bowl season, even though he scored a career low one touchdown. i caught up with the man. >> it has gone super fast, i have loved it, everything has been great here. if it was my first year i would
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give you a very politically correct interview today. i would be a nice quiet kid out of utah. >> but that is not you anymore. >> i am excited to be here, sitting with you, being comfortable. >> did you know you led all the tight ends last year in the yards -- >> well, i did it last year, to be honest the previous couple of years, al saunders would remind me about the statistics. obviously i know i'm pretty good in yak, but i want to make more catches down the field, help the offensive in any way i can. >> how is jason doing, because much was made about everything he went through in the off season, how is he doing? >> he is so far past the off season, moving into the winning games, what it takes for him as a quarterback to lead the offense, do everything he can as a leader to win football games.
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he is doing a great job on the huddle, the field, we talk about it. it is because of jason. >> three days is early, but can you tell us how good you guys can be? >> you know what dave. i sat down in the team meeting room, we talked as a team. i looked at todd yoder, i said hey is this something special to you? this is part -- he was a part of the super bowl team, and he just liked being back here, he said it feels like something special is happening here. i think there is a ton of enthusiasm, so much excitement around the place. we are really a great team, just putting it altogether. guys know what it will take, we look forward to the season. >> so a season where they were eight and eight a year ago, the nationals, losers of four straight, danger of falling 41 games under 500, for the first time this year. today, top of of the 7th, nats
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trailing 2-1. josh willingham, a 2-run homerun, 17 of the year, nats lead 3-2, three batters later, gonzales, a shot to the third base line, a fan interferes, gets the souvenir, and now 33 and 62 on the season. orioles host the red sox, boston catcher, martinez, acquired from the indians, matched a career high. scored two runs. out slugged the orioles, 18-10, to sweep the three-game series. when we return it is time to go golfing. and glory be, the funk is on me. we'll check in with fred who had a great, great day on the senior tour. ntthn
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scott speicher. welcome back, you know the last time tiger woods teed it up, he missed the cut at the open. only second in time in his career he missed the cut at the major. second time, guy gives a whole new meaning to going green. that is not tiger, but this is. began the day with a 1-shot lead on number four, sinks the down hill put for the first birdie of the day. attempting to go out with style on 18 -- but it didn't matter. tiger shoots 3-under-69 to finish 20-under-par, winning the buick open for the victory.
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36 and one, leading out right after three ones, not human. and tacoma part native, funk, ran away with the senior open. a pro shot, from 171 beyond a beyond 171 beyond 171-yards, lands on the green, funk acknowledges the crowd, and knows it is in the bag. he would make the birdie to shoot a 7-under-65. a tournament record, fred funk wins the senior u.s. open and wins t geico minutes of fame. and when we come back, a little more skins talk, who is in charge of keeping jason campbell upright? when we continue. show people really trust us.
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. this is geico sports extra. welcome back, you don't have to be dr. phil to know it was a rocky off season for jason campbell. they tried to trade for cutler, and they ended up with campbell.
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where he is emotionally, hard to tell. he is kind of a quiet guy. where he will be physically, well that is up to an offensive line with a lot of question marks. more on the story. >> reporter: this year all eyes will focus primarily on one guy, jason campbell, but look closer. his success could ultimately depend on that of five guys , his effective line. samuels anchors the tough spot, doing for 10 straight seasons. but the big question, who will protect 17 on his right side? who will it be, the 400-plus pounder and top, pick in mike williams, or jeremy bridges? more on the opinion. >> i think it is tough -- you know we have depth from guys that have started in the league before, and this is probably
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the best depth that we have had since i've been here. >> i am getting better, day by day, working on techniques, stay low, work on things i need to work on. but so far it is going good. >> reporter: and beginning the season as the man who starts every offensive play with a snap, the man directly to his right, thomas, will guard that spot for the 7th straight year. and the new left guard is an old left guard. derek dockery returns after spending time elsewhere the past two seasons. >> really a good group, from tackle to tackle, and backups. we have guys that can really compete and that is what it is about. >> reporter: and the reason for the offensive line question, depth, they hope to have that in spades this season. >> and this whole line can be as good as they want to be seriously. we have the talent and the experience. you know we just need to come each day, work hard, focus on
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the little things, and just stay healthy of course. >> i think there is no limit on what we can do. we just have to decide, hey, we're going to be a great offensive line, just technique, staying with it. >> don't call these guys the hogs anymore. look at the weight loss, mike williams lost 108 pounds, from 450 to 342. and chris samuels dropped 28, 20 from 330 to 305. dockerry lost some as well, nine pounds lighter. precamp weight, i am sure the guys are lighter now. and beaten by indiana, mystic and the race at dan pocono, rain delay on ra
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